DIY: How to turn a poster into art

After landing a big girl job and turning 23 I felt like it was time to get some sophisticated art to replace the tattered posters on my walls. But art is expensive (even at Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx)! So instead of splurging on something new, I decided to just dress up what I already had.

I started with this Il Bacio poster that had tattered edges from going up and down from dorm rooms to apartments over the years, an old canvas and glue.
It'd be best to use a fresh canvas, but this was just going to get thrown out so I thought I'd put it to good use.
I used the glue to make homemade modge podge. Babblings and more has the recipe (its just water and glue).

To make the poster easier to work with I soaked it in the bathtub for about 3 minutes while I covered the canvas with my homemade modge podge.
poster soaking
Then, I placed it over top of the canvas, folded the edges over and covered it in more modge podge.

Be careful when covering the print because you can smear the ink if you aren't careful.

Just let the image dry and voila! So easy!
The other poster I had was in much better condition so I was able to just frame it. Doesn't it look much classier than just stuck on the wall, though?

You can buy poster frames at Target for about $20, but I suggest going to a local thrift store to find one. I bought mine from Savers for $6.

I ended up spending a total of $8 turning these old posters into works of art! Not bad!

Let me know what you guys think or if you have any questions!