Five Sites for Trendy and Affordable Fashion

Hello budget-friendly shoppers! Everyone loves that feeling you get when you score a sweet deal, right? Well today I'm going to tell you about 5 sites where you can get cute, trendy clothing on a budget. These online stores are perfect for when you don't feel like joining the swarms of people at the mall and trying stuff on!

5 sites for trendy & affordable clothing #BudgetBliss

Looking for the best prices on brilliant brands? Shop ASOS. This UK based store has both trendy clothing and classic pieces. Their regular prices tend to be a little high for me, but their outlet has amazing deals! The best part? Free international shipping AND returns!

2. Tobi
I recently discovered Tobi and have since placed like 5 orders from there - oops! They have tons of cute tops and dresses, most around $30 - $60. They are a members only online store, but signing up for an account is super quick and easy. Plus, new members get 50% off their first order! And on top of that, new arrivals are always 30% off!

3. Impressions
I came across Impressions Boutique on Pinterest about 6 months ago and have been hooked every since. They have a brick and mortar store in Fayetteville, AR, but most of their orders are placed online. They specialize in cheap and chic blouses and dresses and are always restocking your favorites. 

4. Francesca's
Francesca's also started as a stand alone boutique and in just over 10 years has expanded to over 350 locations in 45 states! Need I say more?

5. A-thread
Another recent find of mine is a-thread. Not only do they have adorable clothing and accessories, they also give back. With every purchase, a-thread donates 5% to a non-profit of your choice.

Happy shopping!

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