DIY: Hipster Snow White Halloween Costume

In case you didn't know, I'm a huge social media nerd. That's why I really wanted to be a meme for Halloween this year. I thought about being McKayla Maroney (being not amused), or Madam Secretary (Hilary Clinton), but both seemed kind of hard to carry out. I was about to give up on the idea when my friend Ashleigh suggested we be Hipster Disney Princesses. I was all about it.

It was a given that'd I'd be Snow White since I have short dark hair and fair skin. My costume was really easy to make and very inexpensive since I already owned most of the materials.

To make the top, I took a blue t-shirt that I already had and glued red ribbons to the sleeves. I purchased the skirt at Gap for less than $5 on clearance and the bow at Walmart for $1.

To add the "hipster" element, I wore glasses that I had already owned from zenni optical. They have perscription glasses for as low as $6.95! The vest and boots were items form my closet. You could incorporate other elements like a plaid shirt or denim vest instead.

Our signs were obviously handmade, too. I spent a total of $6 on my costume. My friend Ash went as Hipster Arial, and put her costume together for pretty cheap, too.

Most people thought our costume were hilarious, but some people were really confused! The best part was running into other memes like Scumbag Steve and Bad Luck Brian!